The "Ultimate Employee Retention Credit Guide"

We have qualified thousands of businesses like yours with an average refund of $147,000.

Invest a few minutes, with our simplified Employee Retention Credit (ERTC) process and we can provide you with a solid estimate amount of your refunds and answer your questions.


What is the "ERC" Program?

Learn exactly what the ERC program is and how it works. While not a complicated program, it's important to have some basic understanding of how the program works so you know if you qualify and how to claim your tax credit.

Who qualifies for the credit

97% of businesses and non-profit organizations qualify. It costs nothing to find out if you qualify. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
Our firm has qualified over 10,000 businesses and non-profits just like yours with an average ERTC refund check of $147,000!

How to claim your tax credit

Once you determine if your business qualifies, there is a process of filing the proper paperwork with the IRS in order to claim your tax credit. This guide will give you the basics and websites you need to begin the filing process.


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